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· What happens to the occupants of a vehicle when a collision occurs?
· Why use a child safety seat?
· Purchasing a New Infant Seat
· Purchasing or Borrowing a Used Infant Seat
· Moving Up To a Bigger Car Seat
· Moving to a forward facing child seat
· Adult Seat Belts are Not For Children!
· Installing Your Child Seat Yourself
· Where is my child safest?
· Adults lead by example

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Child Seat Safety

What happens to the occupants of a vehicle when a collision occurs?

When a motor vehicle is stopped abruptly due to a collision, the occupants continue travel at the pre-crash speed until they themselves are stopped. There is only one way in which occupant velocity can be stopped safely and that is by wearing/using a proper fitting seatbelt/child restraint. Note: The force required to restrain an occupant of a motor vehicle at the time of a crash is equal to occupant weight times the speed before the collision.

If you are not restrained at the time of a crash the only thing that will stop you is striking objects inside or outside of your vehicle. This can result in death or serious injury.

Child Safety Seats are extremely important to keep your children safe while travelling in your vehicle. Did you know that approximately 80 % of child car seats are used incorrectly? Please find some helpful links below to get more information on installing child seats correctly.

Traffic Services Auxiliary Unit run car seat installation inspections and spot checks frequently. To requester for one of our car seat installation inspections, please visit Toronto Car Seat Clinic.


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