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· What happens to the occupants of a vehicle when a collision occurs?
· Why use a child safety seat?
· Purchasing a New Infant Seat
· Purchasing or Borrowing a Used Infant Seat
· Moving Up To a Bigger Car Seat
· Moving to a forward facing child seat
· Adult Seat Belts are Not For Children!
· Installing Your Child Seat Yourself
· Where is my child safest?
· Adults lead by example

Traffic Services

Child Seat Safety

Adults lead by example

The most effective method to get kids to habitually buckle-up is by setting a good example. An unbuckled adult poses a serious risk to all other occupants should that vehicle become involved in a collision.

The fact is that wearing a seatbelt saves lives and reduces the risk of serious injury for everyone!!!

Keep your vehicle interior free of hazards

Not only is it important to secure passengers inside a vehicle but it is equally as important to secure your personal property and cargo. At the time of a collision objects begin to fly inside your vehicle at your pre-crash speed. Even the lightest of objects like compact discs or tissue boxes can become a life-threatening projectile when your vehicle comes to a sudden stop.

Consider the following;

1) tie down any loose objects with a cargo net
2) to prevent pets from becoming a hazard consider a cargo cage or doggy seatbelt
3) compact discs and tissue boxes can be placed in the glove compartment
4) purses can be secured by an unoccupied seatbelt or lock inside the trunk


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