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· What happens to the occupants of a vehicle when a collision occurs?
· Why use a child safety seat?
· Purchasing a New Infant Seat
· Purchasing or Borrowing a Used Infant Seat
· Moving Up To a Bigger Car Seat
· Moving to a forward facing child seat
· Adult Seat Belts are Not For Children!
· Installing Your Child Seat Yourself
· Where is my child safest?
· Adults lead by example

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Child Seat Safety

Why use a child safety seat?

According to Transport Canada motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death and injury for Canadian children.

The main function of a child safety seat/booster seat is to secure and restrain the body at the time of motor vehicle collision. This restraint prevents the body from being thrown around inside or thrown out of the vehicle.

A child, sitting in a child seat with a seatbelt on, at the back of a vehicle

Adult seatbelt systems do not provide adequate restraint for children, as they are far too big. An ill-fitting seatbelt may cause injuries due to improper placement of the lap and chest portions. Worse yet, an adult seatbelt system may fail to restrain your child at all at the time of collision.


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