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· What happens to the occupants of a vehicle when a collision occurs?
· Why use a child safety seat?
· Purchasing a New Infant Seat
· Purchasing or Borrowing a Used Infant Seat
· Moving Up To a Bigger Car Seat
· Moving to a forward facing child seat
· Adult Seat Belts are Not For Children!
· Installing Your Child Seat Yourself
· Where is my child safest?
· Adults lead by example

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Child Seat Safety

Installing Your Child Seat Yourself-You can do it!

Installing a child seat can seem to be an overwhelming task but it does not have to be. We suggest reading both your car seat instructions as well as the instructions provided by your motor vehicles manufacturer. Car seat installation even by qualified technicians is at best a job for two people. Have a helper on hand.

Following the instructions you should be able to install the seat on your own. After you have installed the seat try to push it from side to side. If it moves more than 2.5 cm (1 inch then the installation is too loose. Start again from the top.

Make sure the rear-facing infant seat is approximately at a 45 degree angle-usually an indicator is provided on the side of the seat.

If, after making several attempts, you still require assistance please refer to the Ministry of Transportation's website, where there are detailed videos to guide you


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