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· What happens to the occupants of a vehicle when a collision occurs?
· Why use a child safety seat?
· Purchasing a New Infant Seat
· Purchasing or Borrowing a Used Infant Seat
· Moving Up To a Bigger Car Seat
· Moving to a forward facing child seat
· Adult Seat Belts are Not For Children!
· Installing Your Child Seat Yourself
· Where is my child safest?
· Adults lead by example

Traffic Services

Child Seat Safety

Where is my child safest?

The vast majority of vehicle collisions are to the front and rear of a motor vehicle. Parents are concerned about placement of the child seat in the vehicle. Usually, the request is to install the seat in the centre rear seating position as they have been told this is the safest spot in the vehicle. Statistically this area is only marginally safer.

Not all vehicles are large enough or designed to accommodate a car seat in the centre rear. Be flexible. Again, the most important issue is that the seat is one you use correctly every single time.



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